Eye Monsters 001 – Stinky


If you read yesterday’s post, I was talking about a sketchbook I have inherited from an Aunt.  The drawings inside the sketchbook date back to the 1940’s. Over the years, I’ve thought that the idea of passing a sketchbook on to my family was an idea worth pursuing. Given the size of my family however (brothers and sisters – no kids of my own yet) it will take some time and many, many drawings to fill these sketchbooks up.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I will be adding a drawing from my sketchbooks.  This first series, I’ve titled as “Eye Monsters” as each character begins with the same two eyes drawn on a random spot on the page. From there, I try to come up with a character that fits on the two pages of my sketchbook.  To make things a little harder, I’m drawing in pen, so there’s no erasing…there’s no mistakes, just creative license!

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