Eye Monsters 060 – Nalia

060_NaliaPhew…after an run of eye monsters over the holidays, things are slowly getting back to normal. That means another video tomorrow! But today we have “Nalia” the monster fish. I love the way her face turned out – the fish lips, teeth…jaw, even her eye-lashes. Looking at her now, I think I could have done more with her body…it’s not that I don’t like the way she turned out…I just think she could have been funnier!

(I’ve totally forgot to update the eyes in the last few weeks…here they all are to date!)




The Daily Drawing – ‘Eye Monsters’ series is an exercise in creativity.  Each day, I start by drawing the ‘same’ set of eyes somewhere on the two page spread of my sketchbook.  Granted as you can see in the image above, they’re not exactly the same.

When I start the drawing, I don’t know what kind of creature I’m going to draw, so my goal is to make them as different as I can. The only limits, are the size of the paper and my imagination.

I like to think of this exercise as an extension of one we had to do in school, where a student would draw a random line on paper, and then pass it on to the next student, who had to turn that line into an image. It was one of my favourite exercises.

My goal is to draw 100 of these characters…by that time, I’ll be ready for a new set of eyes, and perhaps some new drawing rules.

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