Eye Monsters 061 – Alowicious II

061_AlowiciousGiven that the ‘eye monsters’ are a project that I’m working on just for fun, I can’t allow myself a lot of time to colour these characters. In some cases though, a simple colour scheme works so well and comes together so quickly, that I hesitate in moving on just because it came together too fast. Alowicious II was one such colouring job, granted there isn’t much to the background so that makes it easier.

Given the simplicity of this one, it’s one of my favourites! Even after “Bobby-Lou the Destroyer II”

If this is your first visit to my blog, you may want to read yesterday’s post reviewing the whole ‘eye monster’ series.

061 Alowicious

2 thoughts on “Eye Monsters 061 – Alowicious II”

  1. the eye-monster series was all drawn in ink, and then scanned into the computer. This one was coloured using photoshop.

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