Eye Monsters 062 – Thornhaven and Jax II

062_Thornhaven and JaxI thought about the post from yesterday of “Bobby-Lou the Destroyer II” and I realized that any new viewers to my blog don’t know where these images are coming from. So today is a review of how they got here.

Each of the eye monster drawings sprouted from this guy:


After drawing him in my sketchbook, I liked the eyes so much, I decided to draw a whole series of creatures based on just the eyes. I had a couple self imposed rules. The drawings were all done in ink, so I couldn’t erase any lines, and I tried to change the type of creature I drew every time…I didn’t want a bunch of really similiar monsters.

Each of the new characters would start by picking a random spot on the page, and drawing the eyes. I  made a drawing video to show the process for “Eye Monsters 078 – Hellfire”

It became a game to come up with new ways to draw new characters, although I was glad to see number 100 roll around, so I could start something new. All 100 characters are on my “Drawings” page…I may have to change this page to “Art” to encompass paintings and other projects as well.

When I reached number 100, “Carmine”, I decided I would revisit some of my favourite characters and colour them. That’s when “Carmine II” was born. Part of my reasoning for colouring the characters was to experiment with a trial version of Corel Painter. Unfortunately my computer is too old, and couldn’t handle the newest trial version I had downloaded. So I didn’t get much of a chance to play with it…I’ll try it again when I upgrade my system.

I’ve even had few ‘Eye Monsters’ sent to me…they get posted right up there with mine!

1, 2, 3 (for my birthday)

All in all, I have about 11 or 12 sketchbooks on the go, and when one gets finished, I’ll start a new one!

I hope you enjoy them, feel free to send me your comments…


062 Thornhaven and Jax

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