Eye Monsters 097 – Quiggly

097_QuigglyI think I’ve drawn the ‘animation hand’ so many times that a hand that actually has five fingers looks a little strange to me. Of course Quiggly’s thick fingers don’t help. This guy kind of reminds me of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, although he was all forehead, and this guy is all chin. I find it funny to think that I never gave him webbed fingers, you would think a fish creature with human hands would have webbed fingers. Still, I like the finished product on this guy…only 3 more to go.




066_Boris eyes






The Daily Drawing – ‘Eye Monsters’ series is an exercise in creativity.  Each day, I start by drawing the ‘same’ set of eyes somewhere on the two page spread of my sketchbook.  Granted as you can see in the image above, they’re not exactly the same.

When I start the drawing, I don’t know what kind of creature I’m going to draw, so my goal is to make them as different as I can. The only limits, are the size of the paper and my imagination.

I like to think of this exercise as an extension of one we had to do in school, where a student would draw a random line on paper, and then pass it on to the next student, who had to turn that line into an image. It was one of my favourite exercises.

My goal is to draw 100 of these characters…by that time, I’ll be ready for a new set of eyes, and perhaps some new drawing rules.

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