Eye Monsters – Special Edition


This past holiday I had the honour of drawing with my two nephews, Andrew and Carter!

Both of them added their great drawings to three of my sketchbooks that I had with me! In this picture, Carter drew himself on the left while Andrew drew ” Mr. Eyes” on the right. They were awesome additions to my eye monster sketchbooks!In the second drawing they did, Andrew drew another scary monster named “Spikes” while Carter drew his version of “Dirk”. In case you don’t notice the ages, Carter is 4 years old and Andrew is 7 years old.

eyemonster_andrew_carter_02Those drawings were just the warm up for when I brought out the bigger sketchbook…Carter went a little wild! Drawing “Blue Boo Bloody” a multi mouthed monster…with a dark side, or at least a dark spot!

eye_monster_carter_03I really like Andrew’s  last drawing, he called it “Tree Coo”!


3 thoughts on “Eye Monsters – Special Edition”

  1. Andrew and Carter are very excited to be a part of your blog.

  2. I’m not sure if we should be concerned about Blue Boo Bloody. Yikes.

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