Family Portraits May 17th 1920

Great_Grand_paWhen I was visiting my parents at Easter, these two old pictures caught my eye. I figured I’d take a couple photos of them, and use them eventually on my blog, I just didn’t know when.

It wasn’t just the images…although as my brother said…’My, she’s a handsome woman’…the artist’s signature “J.C. Rollston” with two L’s peaked my curiosity.


We actually didn’t know very much about the images, we had some theories. Until my sister Barb, found the receipt for the portraits in some old letters.

The receipt is to Mr. Seymour Rolston (my Grandfather) for 2 Crayon Portraits of “Mother + Father” plus the frames for a grand total of $20. (I checked an online currency calculator, had it been in $USD, that would have been roughly $228 today…the interesting thing is that in 1920 the $USD and $CAN were roughly on par…except early in the year, the Canadian dollar took a hit and dropped to about $0.84) It is also dated May 17th, 1920, so what better day to post this article than May 17th, 2010 – 90 years later.

J_RollestonThis morning, while getting this post ready, I contacted my brother Rick, who has done a lot of research on the Family tree. It turns out that J.C. Rollston was actually related to our side of the family despite the extra L in his name, and despite other accounts to the contrary (JC was also Canada’s first gas station attendant-where he worked for his uncle – Charles Rolston).

I also learned that JC’s son Chester invented the modern clothesline

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  1. Wonderful, Ken! There are some uncanny artistic talents in the Rolston family, I can see that J.C. Was one of them. Thanks for sharing!

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