Fun on the Rink – New Years Eve

Ice Rink

I’m straying from the ‘art blog’ for this post…

New Year’s Eve 2009! It was the kind of night the kids will remember for years to come. The snow was falling in great big flakes, but that didn’t matter to the little skaters, they were outside having a great time on the ice. The girls were figure skating, while the boys played hockey. The adults were either inside watching through the window, or outside having a drink beside the fire pit. A good time was being had by all…or so we thought.

The driveway was a sheet of ice, leading right up to the door. It was a great set up for getting the skates on then walking across a board onto the ice.

The only drawback from the inside was that you couldn’t quite hear what the kids were saying when you stood by the window.

And so it was, when one little boy made his way up to the window…his mom inside smiling, nodding her head and giving him the thumbs up unable to hear exactly what he was saying…

I heard every serious, frustrated word…


“It’s TIME to get the GIRLS off the ICE!”

…and mom just kept nodding and giving the thumbs up.

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