Gift from Overseas – Caitlyn III

CJ Sept 4 10_Seuss townMy niece Caitlyn is serving overseas right now, and had this picture taken the same day and time (her time) as my wedding. (Minus the Seuss-like town)

She also sent a gift she purchased on one of her adventures. The gift actually made it to the Okanagan before the wedding, and I was encouraged to open it before the wedding. This made me nervous. Caitlyn has access to a tank, and knows how to blow things up…and if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might recognize “Caitlyn” from this image:

085_CaitlynHonestly, the same name is just a coincidence! But all the same, I was a little nervous when it came time to open the present. Rehearsal night was going so well…

K00_gobletsTo add to my nervousness, I had instructions to open over a garbage can. I was sure something would be jumping out of that box when I opened it.

I made sure I walked a few steps away from everyone before I gave the box a little nudge with my foot…

K02_gobletsTurns out the gift was a really cool pair of stone goblets!

K03_gobletsTurns out the reason I was supposed to open the box over the garbage was that the goblets were stuffed with fine paper that can make one heck of a mess…and not that my niece had booby trapped it.

The gift was so awesome, we used the marble goblets the next night at the reception.

K_K_gobletsThe coolest thing was that while I was opening the present, my brother was taking pictures with his iphone and sending them to Caitlyn overseas…so she was able to be there virtually.


Next…more wedding stuff? I think I have one or two things left.

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