Golfing for Goldfish

golf_00Photo by Jeff Topham (,

This is a continuation of the “Dr. Seuss Inspired Centerpieces” (Part I, Part II, Part III)fish_63

At the end of the night, after some of the centerpieces had been claimed by parents and such, we had four centerpieces left that we could give away. What better way to give them away than to have a little putting contest.

My brother Rob was the MC for the night, and he did an awesome job (more about him in a few days). He was also the one that remembered to bring a putter and golf ball.

The object of the game was simple, a fish and fishbowl was set up on the carpet. To win it, you just had to hit it with a putt.

fish_70It was good fun for all ages…

golf_02golf_01Everyone was a little upset when I decided to give it a shot…especially when I won…but I gave my fish to the young girl that had tried about 20 times. I still have some Scupey and fishbowls left, I’ll make my own.

golf_04_kenMy brother also won one of the fish…

golf_05Next Post…the gift card box.


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