Halloween 2009

Pirate_TreasureSurprise, surprise, the rain stopped, and the skies cleared, we had a great day for trick or treators!

The day started out with a search for a rope thick enough for a noose to hang the skeleton from the tree in the front yard. As luck would have it, all I had was thin parcel string! So I had to improvise. Using a drill I wound two lengths of string together, then another two, eventually I wound four of those strings together to make a ‘rope’ thick enough for the noose.

Then it was just a matter of climbing the tree to hang the skeleton…I’m not quite the monkey I used to be, but I did it!


I wanted to add a sign that said “Pirates Ye Be Warned” but I just ran out of time!

Then I was on to the carport. I started early in the after noon setting that up.  Spider webs along the open sides, the giant spider in the corner…ghosts hanging from fishing line. With the treasure table in the center…

carport_01It’s by no means the greatest Halloween display on the web, but you have to understand, the carport and front yart actually “belongs” to the upstairs tenant…the backyard is mine. So I can’t take it over the way  I’d really love to!

When you add us in costume…it adds so  much to the atmosphere!Krys_June_Karen_01 This year Karen and I were joined by Krys, June, and Joanne…


and of course, our neighbour Ella, who decorated with a pirate theme as well!


All in all a good night, we kept warm with some “Wassail” made by Karen, and by trying to keep up with the kids! This years total = 187 trick or treators!

Oh…I almost forgot…the pumpkins…


Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!

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