Halloween 2009 – Treasure chests

treasure_chestsOk…so there’s a bit more work I could do on the larger chest, but I think I’ve put enough time into them already.

I started out with cardboard boxes…I was kicking myself for not taking ‘before’ shots, until I realized…they’re cardboard boxes, people know what cardboard boxes look like.

I had to build the lid of the larger chest from strips of cardboard and tape attaching it to the cardboard tab of the box. Then I covered the boxes with newsprint, so that I didn’t have to worry about painting over tape and stickers.

treasure chest 01treasure chest 02

After I wrapped the boxes in paper (great practice for Christmas), I sprayed the box with clear coat spray I had kicking around…just so the paper wouldn’t soak up the coat of paint so fast.

treasure chest 03

After the first coat dried I started adding the wood grain. The wrinkling paper made this a little tough…but in the end I think it added to the weathered beaten up look to the wood.

treasure chest 04

When the second coat dried, I took a sharpie and added the lines between the slabs of wood.

For the metal corners and edges I used white hockey tape I had spray painted with silver paint. Then I added the rivets with a sharpie. I also put some dark lines under the ‘metal’ banding, to make it look like it had depth.

treasure chest 05

The smaller chest doesn’t open, it’ll just be for show. Along with my bottle of Grog and skull mug!


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