Halloween 2009 – Treasure Map

Treasure Map

Here’s the Treasure Map…It’ll be our ‘table cloth’ under the candy filled treasure chest tomorrow.

The edges have been burnt, the canvas stained with tea to try to age it a bit. I dripped some wax from a candle on it…I may try adding some spilled wine on it tonight…I’m thinking it needs something else yet…

Here’s a few details…


One thought on “Halloween 2009 – Treasure Map”

  1. May I have your permission to make a copy of this for our pirate halloween? You are very talented! Also, after seeing your Knight and dragons, have you ever been asked to do portrait style work? I have twins, boy and girl and I’d absolutely LOVE to have a Knight, princess and dragon scene like you have. Obviously, a mural would be awesome, but what about a poster size print or pic? Just like you have with their faces, and maybe names? Let me know if you’re for hire. TY, S.

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