Hallowe’en 2011 – Hellboy Pumpkin

Last night was our annual pumpkin carving night at my neighbour’s place.

We team up with our neighbour, Ella, every year to make sure our building is the best Hallowe’en stop in the neighbourhood (last year we had 255 little ghosts and goblins come by). And Ella’s pumpkin carving night is always a highlight with lots of food, friends, and fun. This year I decided to carve out a Hellboy pumpkin!

I had an unexpected road trip thrown at me late last week, in which my return trip started at 5:30am on yesterday morning. So I am still a little tired and a little behind in my Hallowe’en prep. Now that it is actually Hallowe’en – it’s going to be another long day!

I’m sure I’ll have more Hallowe’en photos to post next weekend…

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