Halloween 2012

I’ve been working on the handlebar moustache for about a month and a half while preparing for halloween. I think it could have been better. My wife thinks I should keep it going through movemeber, so who knows how awesome it’ll be in another month.

Halloween night was a little disappointing this year. In that the weather was terrible. I believe the news reported that it was the wettest Halloween on record for Vancouver. Although I have to say, being that it’s only days after hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the US, I’m not going to complain about the rain.

We’ve been really busy leading into Halloween, so Karen and I consider this year something of a transition year. We didn’t have a chance to make new props, but luckily we had a generous gift from our old neighbour basically doubling our Halloween paraphernalia.

We’re already making plans for next year’s theme!

Back to this Halloween…best costume of the night goes to the Christmas Tree. Apparently she had started her costume back in September. I have to say it was the most original of the night.

Second place goes to Zahra the Zebra. Just because she attacked the treat table with such cuteness we didn’t have any defence.

Being that it was a slower year than normal – only about 130 ‘trick or treaters’ this year – I had time to play with the camera a bit.


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