Hamel – Part II

It’s World Drawing Day on Saturday June 4th – Get your pens/pencils out and draw something, anything, just draw!

I just realized “Hamel – Part II” is blog post number 501! I can’t believe it has been that many already!

I feel kind of silly because I know how often I say “I had a lot of fun” drawing or painting a character, but truth be told, it’s because it’s fun that I do this kind of stuff. Today’s digital painting is no different…it was a ton of fun painting Hamel.

I’ve recently just finished reading “Digital Painting Techniques Volume 2” and I wanted to incorporate some of the techniques in this work. This is a great time to be an artist. There are so many tutorial videos, books, pdfs out there of artists sharing their knowledge and techniques, if you want to learn, to improve your own techniques, all it takes is a little research!

It all starts with picking up that pencil and drawing, and what better time to do it than for World Drawing Day!



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