I’m Officially Married…


Saturday September 4th, I finally did it…I tied the not with my long time girlfriend Karen. Over the past few month or so, I’ve hinted that the wedding was coming up and that I was working on a few things connected with the wedding. This week I’ll bring it all together with details from the wedding, and pictures of all the things I made as part of the preparations.The prep for the wedding started months ago. Karen didn’t want a traditional wedding, so after a little brainstorming we came up with the idea of a “Dr. Seuss” themed wedding. We both agreed that we didn’t want an all out costumed theme. We were shooting for more of a casual, fun affair.

There were no rhyming vows, (we weren’t sure they’d be legal in British Columbia), there were no speeches…although my brother Rob did a fantastic reading from my “diary”, which was conveniently written in a Dr. Seuss style. (I’ll have more about that in a couple of days)

It was just a fun day of celebrating…but there will be more about that later.

Right now, I need to go back to the start.

Step one, after deciding on the theme, was to create characters in a Dr. Seuss style to represent me and Karen. These characters would be found on the invitations and the cake toppers and in a few other key places. If you’ve been reading my blog, you may have already read about Karen Lou Who and later myself.

I also created a Ken and Karen logo that I would use through-out the wedding decorations.

Ken_Karen Logo

Once we had the characters designed, I put together a wedding web page to serve as information centre for those who were invited to the wedding. (Special thanks to Krys Wallbank of Neurofluid and Groovy Web Services for his help in getting that page up and running)

Clicking on the image below will take you to the wedding page…


After the web page came the invitations. We used evite for the majority of the invites, and made a dozen or so cards for the people that we thought would want to keep them, or wouldn’t be checking their email enough to guarantee that they’d get the email invitation.

invite_ext_01The reply card was simply our logo on a folded card…

reply_outsideNext post…the bouquets!

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