Karen Lou Who – Part Two

Karen_Lou_Hoo_twoSo last week I had sculpted ‘Karen Lou Who’ in air dry clay. Now the sculpture is dry so let’s see what it looks like now.

I had a small problem with the sculpture as it dried. With the wooden skewer through the center of the character for support, there was some added stress between the head and the body. The skewer held the sculpture together, but the head itself, separated from the body.

Karen_05It was an easy fix, as I created a wet clay slurry to put between the pieces and forced them together. The next day, it looked good as new.

Karen_06I made sure to leave the clay to dry for as long as I needed, then sanded the surface to clean it up a bit, and finally sprayed the surface with a clear finish, just so that the clay surface wouldn’t be reactivated by the wet paint.

Karen_10Karen_15It took a few coats of paint to start getting the colours to where I wanted them.

Karen_16She’s getting closer…

Karen_20I was pretty happy with her at this point, but she wasn’t quite right. The hair wasn’t quite dark enough, and the eyes didn’t show up too well from a distance.

Karen_25Karen_26There she is, the finished Karen Lou Who. She stands about 5″ high.

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