Daily Drawing 798 – Nan Madol 8th Century

While creating Nan Madol, twin sorcerers Olisihpa and Olosohpa summon the great dragon Madolenihmw to move the giant stone logs.

I have to thank “Ancient Aliens” for turning me on to this dragon legend. I admit I love watching that show, not because I believe their theories, but because they take the viewer to the coolest ancient ruins all around the globe.

While the tv show turned me on to the ruins of Nan Madol, with a little help from Google, I learned that the actual creation legend involves two sorcerers, twin brothers, summoning a dragon to move the giant stones. The ruins today look like they may have been trying to play a giant game of Jenga. Check out the wikipedia page, it’s totally worth it – Nan Madol

The hardest part of researching today’s dragon was trying to find out what the people of 8th Century Micronesia would have worn. If I got it all wrong, please forgive me, I couldn’t spend too much time looking.

Oh…and the dragon’s name “Madolenihmw” was not created by my 6-month old son bashing on the keyboard, it’s the name of the tribe from the area of Pohnpei that Nan Madol belongs to.

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