New Zealand 1978


A ruler…yup this post is about a ruler.

Ok, maybe not so much about the ruler as where it’s from…

Recently my brother and his wife took a trip through Australia and New Zealand. When he returned, he invited us over for a little Aussie wine, and to see the pictures from the trip. The pictures took us on their trip across Australia…the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach…through a few wineries, and into New Zealand…and a few more wineries.

One of the stops in New Zealand was a ranch that my brother had worked on during a work exchange program back in 1978 – I would have been seven at the time.  The same family still owned the place, and he was able to find his signature in the guest book records.

The ruler pictured above was the souvenir he brought back for me from his first trip!

I found the ruler a few months before the most recent trip in a box of old art supplies. I wonder if he recognized the artist in me back then…or if (more than likely) he found something that would fit in his luggage and wouldn’t get broken. When I found it, I thought I should show it to him thinking he would probably get a kick out of seeing it, but then promptly forgot about it.

Forgot about it until we were sipping wine in his living room looking at photos…I guess I’ll have to send him the link to this page now.

New_zealand_ruler02I’m not sure why I put my last name on the back of the ruler twice…I guess I wasn’t happy with the way I wrote it the first time! (I was 7)

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