Olympics – Game Night

01_let the fun begin

This is one of my favourite¬† pictures I took during the Olympics. It makes it look like I’m on some sort of wild ride in an amusement part! I think that kind of captures the feeling of being in Vancouver during the Olympics!

Vancouver 2010 was a blast! It was such a great atmosphere in and around Vancouver. These are the pictures from the one sporting event I was actually able to go to. It was Belarus vs. Finland in the qualification round of Men’s Hockey.

I had to take the picture of the scoreboard with the two dancing entertainers in the crowd because they were actually right next to our section.

This game didn’t quite have the energy of the Team Canada games, but in the end of the Games, Finland walked away with the Bronze medals, so we did get to see one of the top teams in the world. (Finland won this game fairly easily 5-1)


05_Dancers02_Finland_Belarus11_game over10_Final score

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