Olympics – last of my pictures

040_Ken torch

The last day of the Olympics. Karen and I headed downtown hoping to find a place to watch the Gold Medal Men’s Hockey Game. We were downtown two hours before the game…way way way too late to get into any place to watch. All pubs and restaurants showing the game were full, with line ups outside that would fill them again.

I heard about this video the other day! This is the sound of a city cheering as Canada won the Gold in Men’s Hockey at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. You can hear why we want to be in the centre of town for the game! (posted on youtube by “vancouver1907”)

So…we weren’t actually in downtown for that. We had to skytrain back to Burnaby to my local pub to watch. However, while walking around looking for somewhere to go, I snapped a few pictures…
The first couple of images of the rcmp playing road hockey are taken from the edge of a large crowd walking behind me to the security check for the Gold Medal game.
I think this was all staged for the camera you can see in the left side of the second picture…
037_rcmp_hockey038_rcmp_hockeyFrom the rcmp game we walked down through town. Line ups were crazy for the pubs…but also for the venues like the “Royal Canadian Mint”
039_Last day crowd 10amNeedless to say the game was as exciting as you can get, so we had to come back downtown after the game to check out the feeling in the downtown core. I thought it was crazy busy before! After the game, the crowds that were around Robson Square and Granville before, were now everywhere you looked!
051_Closing night050_Closing night052_Closing night053_Closing night055_Closing night

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