Olympics – RCMP beat kids playing road hockey.


Ok, I don’t actually know if the RCMP won the game, but it makes a good headline 😀

Brian Williams of NBC wrote in a Thank-you note to Canada after the 2010 Winter Olympics:  “(Thank you) For securing this massive event without choking security, and without publicly displaying a single automatic weapon.

I think this game of road hockey sums up the great job the police did interacting with the party-goers at the Olympics without ruining the spirit of the Games.

As for my experience at the games, I have a few pictures to share:

As the games were getting close, the torch relay came within 3 blocks of my house. I wandered up to get a look…


It was pretty cool, but guess what…she just ran by. So it was over in a matter of seconds.

As the opening drew closer I started getting excited, and since I didn’t have tickets to the Ceremony, I did what thousands of others did, I went downtown.

We ended up at “The Mill” where we watched the Ceremony on TV, thinking we’d walk up to Robson Square after. Next thing we know, we realize that the big Olympic Flame is being lit a few hundred meters from where we sat, that was followed by a fantastic fireworks show, and we had front row seats. (you can also see the colour changing Olympic Rings in the background)

At first we didn’t know were the flame was going to be lit. All we knew was that it would appear somewhere in the left of the next picture.

008_preOlympic flame


009_Olympic flame****





After the Fireworks, Karen and I headed up to Robson Square to the center of where the daily celebrations would take place.



022_robson_1st night


020_robson_1st night


021_robson_1st night****

Robson Square was crazy! People everywhere, fireworks, and shooting flames!

028_robson_1st night


024_robson_1st night


025_robson_1st night


026_robson_1st night


027_robson_1st night

It was quite the night! And it was just beginning!

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