Painting – Carnage/Spidey Mask 1999

Spidey_detailA friend of mine requested Spidey vs. Carnage for his mask back in 1999, and this is what he got. Spiderman swinging away from an explosion as Carnage closes in from above.

There was  a lot of masking out areas for this one but the fine black lines were done with a Sharpie.

I wish I had taken more pictures, the picture above is the best one of Spidey, and it doesn’t show all the detail. In the picture below you can see more details show up on the mask in different light.

Spidey_LeftIf I was lucky enough to have time to take photos of the finished works, it was as the guy was walking up to the front door to pick up the mask. On more than one occasion I had to tell the goalie not to wear the mask for at least 48 hours so the clear coat couple finish setting up.

All in all, this is one of my favourite finished masks.


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