Painting – Frazetta helmet 1999

Frazetta_DDII_leftThis week marked the passing of one of the greats in the world of Fantasy Art. Frank Frazetta (this links to the unofficial Frazetta page, the official one is offline at the time of this post)  passed away due to a stroke at the age of 82. It wasn’t his first stroke. He had one in his late 70’s that left him partially paralyzed on his right side. Instead of stopping what he loved to do, he retaught himself to draw with his left hand. If his images weren’t inspiring enough, his story surely is.

This helmet was a small tribute to Frank  Frazetta and Boris Vallejo’s’ work that I painted back in 1999.  On one side was a tribute to Frazetta’s Death Dealer II (pictured above)

The other side was based on Frazetta’s Warrior with Ball and Chain.


On top of the helmet was a tribute to Boris’ “Conan The Magnificent


The back of this helmet I based on the very first helmet I painted. My friend had asked if I could paint the helmet as if the back had been smashed in and his brains were showing. His mom refused to pick the helmet up after she saw it, after that reaction, I had to paint it one more time.

Brain_back* the helmet had a visor and jaw protector, unfortunately I no longer have the pictures of them.

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