Painting – Okanagan Amusements 2002

Shooting_08I apologize for the quality of these photos, they were from the pre-digital age…This was a fun little project I did for Okanagan Amusements years ago. Unfortunately, the building that housed this part of the amusement park burned down one night after hours. Luckily it was a small part of the whole park, so they were able to rebuild the building fairly quickly, but to this day they have not replaced the shooting range.

So if you’re in the Penticton area this summer be sure to go support my friends at Okanagan Amusements.

This was a huge after hours job, so I talked a few friends into coming out to help me. My sister Barb, my nephew Tom, and my friend Barc were the most help for this one!


Shooting_02Shooting_02bShooting_03Shooting_04Shooting_05I was told that when the electrician was wiring the shooting gallery, he kept trying to go through the ‘door’ to get to the back.


While we were painting this part we couldn’t help but laugh at the character shooting out from the window because he looked so much like Michael Landon from “Little House on the Prairie”. The ghost in the lower window was based on Bill Miner the famous train robber.


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