Painting – Rock Climbing Wall 1998

entry wall_01It’s a trip into the past with this post. My friend’s Nic and Shailagh had just finished building their home in 1998. Being avid rock climbers, they built a ‘climbing cave’ in the basement. The first time I was over to climb, I thought, “This is so cool, but it would even cooler if it was painted”.It wasn’t very high, just a normal sized ceiling, but it went down the wall and around the corner in an “L” shape. The picture above was the first thing one would see as they walked over to the climbing area.

I love the way the painting on this section turned out because of the depth created with the undercut stone look.

This section was separated from the next by the heating ducts. The wall had to drop down to cover the pipes.

Corner Wall_01_a

Every so often I want to throw in something of interest, so you’ll find fossils painted into the rocks around the climbing area.  In this corner section I threw in the “Arc’teryx” logo, because Nick and Shai had a friend that worked with the company.

Corner Wall_01_bThe corner shows a crack in the rocks looking out to a desert (see detail).

As you can see the original colour of the wall wasn’t quite as interesting to look at as the finished painting.

Corner Wall_02Corner Wall_03

Corner Wall_03_bend wallinside corner_01inside corner_02

I haven’t been back to the house in years, but I hope they’re still having fun climbing on the wall!

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