Paintings – Kokanee Milk Jug

Kokanee_milk_16I dug through some old photos to find this project. It was done at the same time as the “Stanley Cup” Beer Fridge was painted, in fact you have see the fridge in the background of one or two of the photos.

I believe it was painted in December of 2001 – for my parent’s neighbour, who then gave it as a gift for Christmas…I think it may have ended up in a restaurant up at Whistler as an umbrella stand, but I could be wrong…

I primed the inside and out, then coated it with white.

Kokanee_milk_01Then I added the blue of the sky


After fading the blue into the horizon, using tape to mask off the top of the mountains, I started painting the mountains. I’ve roughed out the design in pencil, whenever possible I like to airbrush with a hand held mask, tape sometimes pulls the underlying paint off. (you can see the ‘stanley cup’ beer fridge in behind the can…)

Kokanee_milk_03There’s a certain amount of distortion of the can’s design when going from a can to a milk jug that leads to some artist license in the mountains to make everything fit properly.

Kokanee_milk_04In my opinion, Kokanee has one of the best beer cans around.


Generally when doing a project like this, I start with the lightest colours and go to the darkest…then finish off with highlight details.

Kokanee_milk_08Kokanee_milk_10I’m not sure what the dot is on the center of the can below, it must have been tape I forgot to take off…


Of course I had to leave room for the Barcode…


And finally the finished beer can…


If I remember correctly, the barcode was actually off a case (24) of Kokanee cans Kokanee_milk_14


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  5. This was done on commission, they’re not mass produced.

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