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Hockey_moose_finalPainting Friday! Today’s painting was just finished this week. It’s number two of three based on a moose/sports theme. My brother’s nickname is ‘Moose’ and these paintings will go in his son’s room (I think).

I started working on ideas for this painting a while ago, and at first it was going to something like this…

Hockey_moose_01But my brother plays goal, so I swapped out the big ‘player’ for a goalie:

Hockey_moose_02I still felt there was something missing in the interaction between the two characters, so I opened up the pose of the goalie.

Hockey_moose_03The jerseys are ones that our team was supposed to wear at the “Red’s Easter Tournament” last year, but we couldn’t get them in time…somehow I don’t think we’ll have them for this year’s tournament either.

I wasn’t sure about the design on the goal pads, I wanted them to look at least similar to the ones my brother wears, so I had to wait for pictures from my brother.

Then there was the background. Are they playing indoors or out? I opted for a more natural setting on a frozen lake in the mountains.

So fighting every urge to sit down and paint the picture, I worked up a few samples until I came up with this rough idea.

Moose_hockey_sceneAt first I did want to add a net, thinking it was more like ‘dad’ teaching ‘son’ to skate, rather than playing. But then I changed my mind and added the wooden posts stuck in the ice…I was ready to start painting.

Hockey_moose_WC01I started from the background and worked forward. (With the exception of the ice surface). Generally starting with the lighter colours and getting darker as I worked.

Hockey_moose_WC02I debated about adding the outline to the background. Finally deciding on a lighter outline for the objects in the distance.Hockey_moose_WC04Hockey_moose_WC05

The paint on the goal pads is a metallic silver, so the photos don’t really do it justice.Hockey_moose_WC06Hockey_moose_WC07Hockey_moose_WC08

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  1. Everyone (in the family) I just showed it to went “Awww”. My son’s all time favorite animal are moose.

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