Pen, Pencil and Brush – L.W. George

ppb_coverPen, Pencil and Brush. By L.W. George copyright 1935


This is another of the books that I received over Christmas. I wanted to scan a few more pictures into the computer but I was worried about damaging it more than it is. As you can see by the wear on the cover, it’s a little hard to read some information on it. I had to research online to find the copyright date (google is awesome)…all that is readable on the cover is 19*5.

Inside the cover is a dedication…from my grandma, to my aunt.

ppb_dedicationI wanted to scan a few more pages, but I was afraid to because of the overall condition of the book. My aunt had actually drawn on the pages, working on some of the exercises that are in the book. One of them in particular caught my eye, it reminded me of an image I saw in my other aunt’s sketchbook. I had to take a picture…it seems that Auntie Anna, and Auntie Ruth must have shared this book at some time.


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