Photo Restoration

Recent events have sparked an interest in the old photos that are sitting around my parent’s place getting more and more faded with age. My sister has gone through a lot of the old albums picking out cool old photos. It’s been kind of fun going through these photos and restoring them. It’s something that needs to be done before we forget who some of the photos feature!

This one was easy to label…it’s my mom:

I had to do a few things to this one:

1. get rid of the big crack in the top corner

2. get rid of the spots – on the background, in her hair, on her top, and on her arms

3. fixing the damage on the bottom left of the photo was the trickiest part (way harder than getting rid of the crack)

4. sharpened the image as much as the resolution allowed. ( I would have loved to have a higher resolution image to start with)

5. upped the contrast.

6. added a layer of subtle noise to bring image all together.

Here’s a few more pictures I worked on:

I had to be really careful removing the spot at the end of my dad’s nose.

The hardest part on this next one was fixing the damage on my mom’s head.

This is just a small sample of some of the things I’ve been working on lately…things that have kept me away from posting!

I hope this the start of another year full of sharing my art with you!



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