Photography – Hiking the Lynn Loop

After yet another disappointing performance at my once-a-year hockey tournament, I decided it was time to get back into shape. Is there a better way to start my fitness routine than with a few hikes through the wilderness around Vancouver?

I didn’t take my camera with me on the first hike and I regretted it! I wouldn’t make the same mistake on hike number two.

My hiking buddy, Mike, agreed not to push me too hard on these first hikes. So I didn’t feel too bad stopping to take a few pictures.

The Sentinel

Spread out among the younger trees are the remains of the giants that used to stand there. This particular stump reminded me of a knights helmet overlooking the valley.

Nature’s Barcode

Trying to capture the feeling of hiking in through these trees in a simple photo is near impossible, not one shot I took is anything like the true beauty of the forest.


It was such a beautiful day for a hike, that the woods didn’t seem that dark; until you happened upon a spot where the sun had fought its way to the ground.

The Yellow Square

With the spring run off, there were streams of water working their way down the mountain side everywhere we looked. In the muddier sections their were either complete bridges built, or wooden stepping stones conveniently placed along the path. If you follow the path and go up the tree you see why I called this “The Yellow Square” – these are the path markers so you know you’re hiking a path and not a dried up run off stream.

Charcoal Updraft

It’s amazing how often you come across a tree that has been burned out by (presumably) a lightning strike. I say presumably, because the trees around them show no damage, although most trees around are much younger. This photo and the next are my two favourite shots from the hike.

The Torn Forest

There is just something about the way this burned out tree makes the photo look like it has been torn up that I really love.


Hopefully I’ll have more photos from another hike in the near future!


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