Photos – Brandywine Falls

Our second stop on the way up to Whistler was Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. These falls are only 500 metres from the highway pull out, and were so amazing! I have to admit my toes were a little tingly standing on the viewing platform perched on the edge of the cliff, when I took this picture. I would love to go back during the spring run off and see how much water pours over the falls.

The short walk to the falls takes you over the railroad tracks…

…and just off the path is old wooden structure sitting at a strange angle and yet showing no sign of falling apart.

Of course everywhere you look there’s something interesting to take a picture of, even the rocks…

If you read my last photography post about Shannon Falls, I admitted to an odd fascination with the roots of trees. This stop was no exception. I found one tree on the bank by the path, with water dripping off the exposed roost. I tried taking a few shots, but it wasn’t working. Finally my wife said, ‘take a step back and look at the whole tree’…it turned into one of my favourite pictures of the whole trip.

I tried a few different filters in photoshop to see if I could enhance the picture, but in the end I left it exactly as I took it. The wet branches in the background give it such an ethereal feeling.

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