Photos – Easter Hockey Tournament

Hockey has always been a big influence in my life,  and not just mine, but most of my family’s. One of the highlights of every year is the annual Red’s Recreational Hockey Tournament. This year there were 6 Rolston’s playing in the tournament. Half of them played on the “Moosehead’s” the team my brother Andrew (pictured above) put together.

The two other Rolston’s playing on the “Moosehead’s” were myself, and one of my older brothers, Gary. We lost out in “A” event semi-final to the team that won the tournament.

Now some may say that this is an odd subject for my ‘art’ blog. Especially since I was playing, so obviously I didn’t even take most of the photos. But apart from being a rare glimpse into my personal life. There’s a lot more of my art here than most realize. The Moosehead jersey features my logo design, the goalie mask my brother is wearing is one that I painted years ago. In fact overall, there were three teams wearing jersey’s with my logos on them. But I think only the one goalie helmet is still in use…it’s been about 10 years since I’ve painted one.

Back to the hockey pictures. Many people reading this may not know what I look like. So below you see my brother Andrew in goal and me with the white teeth. It’s actually a white fitted mouth guard that I took a sharpie and drew in the teeth. Most people comment that it makes it look like I’m smiling all the time…most of the time I’m gasping for breath.

This is my brother Gary…

Gary’s daughter Jodi was also playing on the girl’s side of the tournament…

As was one of my other nieces, Michelle…

Michelle’s dad, the 6th and final Rolston that played in the tournament, was my brother Terry…also a goalie.Of course, having played for many years in the Okanagan, I had a lot of friend’s playing in the tournament. In fact, in many ways this tournament is a lot like a homecoming tournament for so many people.

One of the highlights of the tourny is a shoot-out. The winner gets prizes for his team…mostly in the form of beer tokens. Each team supplies two shooters and a goalie for the shoot-out. And often there are people who take this opportunity to show their creative side, to put it in a family friendly term.

Here’s a few of the more creative outfits used to distract the goalies.

Reno 911 –

Lumberjack – (shooting for my niece’s team, aptly named “Here 4 Beer”)

and I’m not really sure what this outfit was, but apparently it was worn to ‘burning man’ one year… (and I’m afraid to admit, he was shooting for my team)

All in all a great weekend, and I believe this year was the 41st annual tournament. So very well run. I could share a hundred of these pictures, but I’ll end with three more. The first being my buddy Mike, I keep promising to get him the pictures we took, but I just haven’t had the time to go through them all. (Mike actually scored on this play, just a second after this picture was taken)

Me and my fake toothy smile…

And finally a big save by my little brother…

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