Photos – Hallowe’en 2011

This year’s table of treats for the kids, including a bowl full of eyeballs. And believe it or not, one little girl actually opted for taking an eyeball instead of candy.

Most of the kids that come to our house are quite little, so I hesitate going over the top with the decorations. Plus given the nature of our shared carport area, we have to set up and take down all in the same night.

To top it all off, this year, despite being nice and sunny during the prime set up time. It was very windy. We had to cut back on the number of things we hung up due to the wind blowing every which way!

But, we got the carport decorated and the costumes on in plenty of time, before the stream of little ninjas, Hermione’s, and princesses started to show up. This year, we decided to dress ourselves up as ‘steampunk adventurers’. Normally I would have made a lot more components of our costumes, but we just ran out of time and had to rely on a lot of store bought accessories.

After having the big handlebar moustache for the night (well the three hours it actually stayed stuck on)…I seriously thought about really growing it for Movember.

But of course the real reason for all this effort…the kids…

and our favourite little costume of the night…

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