Photos – Hawk

Thursday night as I took the skytrain home, there was the most incredible sunset as I have ever seen in Vancouver. I tried taking some pictures with my cell phone, through the window of the skytrain as we moved along the track…they just don’t do the sunset justice.

So Friday I decided it was time to take my camera to work again. I knew there was no chance that the sky would match the beauty of the night before, but maybe I’d find something else to catch my eye.

At lunch, my co-worker and I went on to the roof to check out the patio up there, and see if there was something worth taking a picture of. He was the one that noticed the hawk land on theĀ  telephone wire, and from that point on I was determined to get a decent shot of the bird.

As I was trying to get this photo, the hawk flew from the wire to the pole, and my goal changed from getting a shot of the bird, to getting a shot of him in flight. I was a touch slow at first, he caught me by surprise, and although I actually got him in frame, he was totally out of focus. Unfortunately as I was actually at the office, I couldn’t sit there all day and wait for him to take flight.

However, I could see the bird from my window and he was more than happy to just sit and sleep on top of that pole for hours. I thought at one point that train’s whistle would stir him from his position, but it was not to be and sometime late in the afternoon when I wasn’t looking, he disappeared.

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