Photos – Lunar Eclipse


On Friday, December 9th I noticed how bright the moon was, and I figured it would be a good chance for me to experiment with taking a picture of the full moon. Although some of my first shots were kind of cool, I knew that I was doing everything wrong.So I went inside and did some research online. That’s when I discovered that very night was the lunar eclipse! Well…ok, not that night, but bright and early the next morning. 4:45am was when it was expected to start in my area.

I went back outside and took a few more shots armed with a little more knowledge about shooting the moon…and got this shot (without a tripod) I figured I was ready for 4:45am.

4:45am I was up and ready to go. I took a few shots and they turned out pretty cool. But that’s also when I realized that this wasn’t something that was going to be over in 15 minutes (something I failed to research the night before).

So rather than standing outside all night, every 5 minutes I would go out and take a photo. It was just about the perfect timing…

Now round about this stage I started to realize, slowly, that I had less light to work with, and I might have to adjust the camera accordingly. I’d like to say that it’s because it was almost 6am, and I was still half asleep. But truth be told, you wake up pretty fast going outside at 4:45am in December in Canada…even in Vancouver.

It took a few adjustments to get the new settings needed, but I got a few shots of a nice red moon!

The final shots were the best of them all. I’ve brightened this one a fair amount because I’ve looked at it on a couple different monitors and without brightening, you might not be able to see the tree silhouette. The glow behind the tree is from the city of Vancouver off in the distance.

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