Photos – Shots from a moving car 2

The return trip from the Okanagan was a little uglier in terms of weather…but it still made for some cool photos.

We thought the worst of the weather would be at the summit of the Coquihalla highway, it was foggy and rainy, but nothing compared to the rain as we drove across the Port Mann bridge into the greater Vancouver area.

My favourite part of the drive was coming down from the summit, in to Hope. The fog clinging to the mountains was beautiful!

Shooting from a moving car with water splashing up from cars around us, made most of the shots I took garbage. But I was able to take a few good ones out the open door window.

The few shots that worked through the windshield, I had to time so that I got the shot without the windshield wiper in the picture…I lost a lot of potential shots due to a blurry black streak.

I like the blurred trees in the next picture, the spacing is almost perfect.

Near the bottom of the drive from the summit, it almost looks like the weather will get better…but then we hit the solid rain, and I put the camera away.

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