Photos – Shots from a moving car

There’s one spot on the drive along the Crowsnest pass from Vancouver to the interior of BC that I’ve always wanted to capture. The last trip was perfect, the highway was virtually deserted, and my nephew was able to slow right down as we wove our way through the twists and turns that hide this sight. I snapped three quick shots, and luckily one of them turned out!

That whole trip I was snapping away as we made our way to the Okanagan. Tge best part of the trip was the fall colours!

All of these shots were taken from an old toyota truck that really needs better shocks…I’d apologize to my nephew for insulting his truck…but he knows it was a rough ride!

There’s one small lake we drive by all the time, called Yellow Lake, I loved the pictures on the small view screen of the camera. Unfortunately when I saw them actual size they were a little blurry. These ones, I had to photoshop to save them:

(this next photo was actually from about 20 minutes before we drove by Yellow Lake)

…and back to Yellow Lake…(you can see the motion blur in the foreground of these ones…but they still turned out pretty cool)

And finally, coming into Penticton, looking back on Skaha Lake:

Next week…the trip back to Vancouver…the weather wasn’t quite as nice, but we took the Coquihalla Highway.


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