Teddy Bear


So what’s so special about this bear?

June 23, 2002 was recognized as the 100th birthday of the “Teddy Bear”. Making this guy one of the pioneers, or perhaps a “Renaissance Man” would be a better comparison. By our math, this haggard little guy must be about 80 years old now, back in the day, he belonged to my dad (yup the same guy that’s making the cool wooden bowls now).

So why would I call him a Renaissance man? (Renaissance Bear would be more appropriate) He has movable arms and legs, not anything amazing for that era of the teddy bear, but if you  squeeze his chest the music box kicks in. Pretty tame by today’s standard of crying baby dolls that actually need changing…or now that interactivity has been taken to a whole new level, Nintendo has introduced “Wii Baby and Me” (and yes, that is every bit as disturbing as you might think – at least from what I’ve read.)

Unfortunately the music box isn’t working well enough to figure out what song it is playing, we’re working on figuring out the song hoping it’ll go a long way to learning what company made the bear.

I have only seen the pictures that I’ve posted here, my sister has the actual bear. I’d love to see that actual toy, or even better yet, see my dad’s face as he holds this piece of his past.


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