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This is Cackleberries take on the classic Snakes and Ladders game. Players take turns racing up Spitter mountain. Landing on a broken stone sends the player falling down the rockslide, but landing on the stone at the bottom of the rope allows the player to climb up the shortcut. Now here’s where it gets a little more adventurous…land on the question mark and you have to pick up a climber card! This could change the game drastically.

The best part of my job is testing these games as they get developed. Jeff Matthew is a brilliant game designer and I look forward to testing his designs.


Below is the drawing I did to work out the layout of the paths up the mountain. I wanted to create a 3D effect, it was Kristin Hubbard’s great work to take this rough drawing and make it into the colourful game we have!


Ropes and Rockslides is a fun alternative to Snakes and Ladders that gives the players more choices, and that means more adventures! I have great fun playing it with my nieces and nephews!


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