Talented Friends – Elton Lammie


I grew up in a fairly small town in BC, and this past August was my Grad reunion. The coolest thing about the reunion was the level of talent that came from the small group I went to school with.

I was so surprised to find that two of my old classmates have performed…as opera singers! One in New York, and one in Toronto.

In 2006 Elton won the crown as Canada’s next opera star by winning the Bravo television show, So You Want to Be an Opera Star: Bathroom Divas.

Elton has performed with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as a soloist and has travelled all over North America and as far as Asia singing for thousands of adoring fans. (http://www.eltonlammie.com/)

But beyond the Opera, Elton has been performing country music for years! If you happen to find yourself in Crystal Beach Ontario, check him out on Sundays at the Crystal Chandelier!

For those of us in BC…we have to wait until next August! Elton will be performing in Sicamous BC on August 7.

Be sure to check out these videos, and go check out his site (www.eltonlammie.com) for more! His Roy Orbison is awesome!