Talented Friends – Jeff Topham

jt in fsj

Writer, photographer, producer, musician…

Kayapo brothers

“Jeff Topham is a writer, photographer and television producer based in Vancouver. A regular contributor to Westworld magazine, his photos and words have also appeared in Time, Outside, Maclean’s and enRoute. He’s fished for piranha in the Amazon, ridden camels in Timbuktu, river rafted in the high Arctic and killed time in Saskatoon.” www.jefftopham.com

That’s right, the Amazon and Timbuktu…how cool is that? Jeff has been to places that most of us just dream of, and fortunately for us…he takes his camera with him.

biribiri_aukre_brazilFrom the Amazon River to the Niger River…

Niger river_Mali

to surfing in Japan.

kamakura_japanJeff’s ability to capture everything from the monumental…

woman and gods

…to the everyday is amazing!

electric hockeymasterJeff is one of those people that can get into his subject’s head quickly, and catch them with their guard down…bobby lu

…of even the most private individuals…


to boldly go…(I couldn’t resist)


See more of Jeff’s work on Flikr – or on his personal website.

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