Talented Friends – Jenn Brisson


***Jenn’s images were used with her permission

Last Friday I blogged about going to the Eastside Culture Crawl to see Jenn Brisson’s work…Here’s a bit more about Jenn…

One of the best things about working with Cackleberries is the people that I’ve met and worked with over the years. Jenn is one of those people who really stands out. She started working with us as an animator, but moved on to writing songs, and performing voices – she’s an all around talent! She recorded a song for Cackleberries called “Rescue Me” and it’s still my favourite song! I’m pushing to have it added to our next cd. (The Hero Inside was our first)

teddy mares_01

Jenn’s own art is fun with a dark side. Her “Teddy Mares” series of paintings is full of grotesquely cute stuffed creations that would give any child other than ‘the Adams Family’ kids’ nightmares. (one of her early Teddy Mares paintings is pictured above)

Lately she’s been working with broken skateboards creating more great “Teddy Mares” pieces!

skateboard_01I always look forward to Jenn’s art shows cause you never quite know what she’s going to surprise us with.

If you have a chance, check out Jenn’s ART at the ‘the FALL tattooing’  2nd annual toy show!

upcoming show

If you are as impressed with Jenn’s work as I am, you can find more of her art on Facebook or her blog. She’s also on  twitter and etsy.

Next week…Jeff Topham.

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