The Limbo Stick

Limbo_01One of the highlights of the reception was the limbo shot stick. Now I wish that this had been my idea, but it was all Karen and her entourage that came up with this one.The limbo shot stick has made many appearances at parties in Vancouver, in fact, Leanne had her own collapsible stick she smuggled in to the wedding.

I was a little hesitant when it was brought out at the reception, Leanne was quick to point out that it wasn’t her idea. However, the ladies were very professional, going so far as to make bibs for the limbo’ers to wear to protect clothing.


Limbo_02I’m not sure how many shots were actually done by everyone…

Limbo_04But everyone seemed to really enjoy it!

Limbo_03I think that’s about it for the wedding posts, until I can go through all the photos and find some favourites!

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