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Card_Box_66…continued from yesterday’s post “The Making of the Gift Card Box

Yesterday’s post ended as I was about to build the head of Felix…

The head was a little bit tricky to build because it was going to be the head, shoulder and arms all in one.

I had to make sure that it was solidly balanced on top of the body. I didn’t want to tape or glue the head structure to the body unless it was absolutely necessary.

So to begin the head construction, I used a thicker cardboard cut to make a sleeve over the back corner of the top of the body. Seen below as the coloured cardboard under the eye.

The eye itself was secured to a ring of cardboard glued to the sleeve I had just made.


Now that the eye is secured to the ‘shoulder’s, it’s time to start giving it form. Taking the thin cardboard, cut into strips, I started to form the basic key areas. A couple of long strips to round out the back and shoulders. A piece from the top of the head down to the bottom of the shoulders, and a couple of more structured pieces for the cheeks.

Card_Box_32Once the basic head shape is constructed, I used black hockey tape to fill in the gaps. The hockey tape is great to use because glue sticks to it better than some other tapes.

Card_Box_34Now that the basic shape of the back of the head is complete, I had to figure out the top lip. It had to have some give to it so that the envelopes could easily slide into the mouth.

I decided on small cardboard strips with hockey tape to hold the ends together.

I like to call this the ‘Mutant Nun’ phase…

Card_Box_35I created the arms and hands separately, using thin cardboard rolled into tubes and cones then glued and taped into shape.

The trick to adding the arms was keeping the creature balanced.¬† I wasn’t too worried though, I had a back-up plan to create a fourth balance point in front of the creature if I needed it. Luckily he didn’t get too top heavy.

Card_Box_36_armsNow it was time to start adding fur…well almost. I didn’t want black hockey tape feet and hands, so I mixed up some paint and acrylic gel to smooth out some of the tape texture. Then I could add the fur.

My next question was how do I make the fur texture with paper?

My idea was to run the paper through a paper shredder, but only for 1-1.5 inches, then reverse the shredder and cut the shredded piece off just above the cuts. It sounded a lot easier than it was. When the paper went in the shredder straight, it was fast! I usually ended up with 2+ inches of paper shredded…but I did get better as I went.

Card_Box_39_furThen it was just a case of starting at the bottom and working my way up. I realized as I started on the tail that the black hockey tape may show through gaps in the fur. Luckily I have a roll of newsprint that was given to me years ago that I used to wrap the body pieces in to hide the tape.


I did my best to hide the seam between the lid and bottom of the original shoe box with the paper fur.

Card_Box_44_furOnce the body was finished, I moved on to the arms.

*I had added a bump in for a ‘nose’¬† at this point, but later decided it made the mouth too stiff to allow envelopes to pass through the mouth, and ripped it off.

Card_Box_50_furCard_Box_52_furEverything was coming together really well…but I still had one hurdle that I wasn’t sure how to overcome – how to make the antennae.

It was time for another trip up to the dollar store.

That’s where I saw some clothes hangers with a foam cover. The wire used for the hangers themselves was too strong to use for the antennae, but the foam would work. (I was also worried that using the hanger wire would make the head top heavy)

Card_Box_55_antennaOnce I had worked the foam off the hangers, I inserted four lengths of intertwined  lighter gaged wire to give the antenna some form.

Card_Box_56_antennaWith the bits of wire sticking out the end of the antenna, I secured the antenna to a piece of plastic cut from a yogurt container.

Card_Box_57_antennaThe plastic was then glued to the top of the eyeball shell.

Card_Box_59_antennaWith the antennae attached, it was just a matter of finishing off the fur, and adding the teeth. The teeth were cut from a white vinyl eraser and although they looked great, the glue didn’t hold them very well. I knew they’d be knocked out really easily, but I ran out of time and had to leave them as is.

Card_Box_67Once Felix was finished I realized that the mouth was closed more than I wanted it. Fortunately, with the head being separate from the body, I just had to sit the head back a bit, and his mouth opened right up.

Card_Box_65Up Next…the MC

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