The Making of the Gift Card Box

Card_Box_68The idea was simple enough, decorate a box that we can put on the gift table for gift card envelopes to go in. How I went from that to creating Felix, I’m still not sure! But I’ll try to show you the steps…

What I used to create Felix:

– about $18 worth of hot glue sticks

– about 25 sheets of paper

– 1.5 rolls of black hockey tape

– 1 large styrofoam ball (about $5)

– 1 shoebox

– 1 white vinyl eraser cut up for teeth ($1.25/4)

– 2 clothes hangers ($2.50)

– wire for inside antennae

– newspaper for stuffing the legs, feet and hands

– thin cardboard from cereal boxes and such

– some paint for the hands, feet and eyeball.

I couldn’t believe that glue ended up being the biggest expense in creating Felix!

So I had the original drawing of Felix to work from…

10G25_FelixI had all the cardboard I needed, so I started to cut, glue and tape the feet together. If you look closely, you’ll see I used a couple toilet paper rolls for the legs and a frozen burger box for the feet.

Card_Box_20_feetThe feet were very important to get right. They had to keep Felix upright while empty, and full of gift cards. So the balance of the shoe box body and the feet had to be just right.

I also decided right from the start of the build that I wanted to be able to take the lid off the shoe box to empty Felix really easily.

Card_Box_21Because of this, the feet were attached to the bottom of the box, and the tail was attached to the lid of the box.

The tail was made by cutting strips of cardboard, gluing them into rings, and joining them with other strips of cardboard on one side, so the tail had some give to it.

At this time I also cut a slot in the new top of the shoe box. Then cut down the front of the creature about 3 inches in order to bring the lip out a bit.

*I added a piece of cardboard inside the mouth, slightly longer than the 3 inch slit on shoebox, so that the cards would fall away from the edge of the box.

Card_Box_22_tailThe body was looking good, but I was afraid that it would be too square, so I added some cardboard strips to try to round the edges of the body out a bit. Again, I wanted the lid to come off the shoe box, so the box top and bottom had to be done separately.

Card_Box_23_bellyWhile I was working on the belly of the beast, I figured I should add his beard.

Card_Box_24_beardNext I rounded the corners on the lid, and reinforced the tail with hockey tape.

I didn’t take the cardboard strips to the top of the back so that the head would have a sturdier base to sit on.

Card_Box_25_backIt was time to start working on the head. I built a cardboard shell to hold the styrofoam ball that was to become the eye. I wanted Felix’s eye to be able to look from side to side, so I found the center axis and skewered the styrofoam ball on top and bottom with pieces of a wooden skewer.

While building the cardboard shell, and through the rest of the building process I had to make sure the eyeball was still able to rotate.

Once I had the shell built, I was able to determine where the pupil should be painted, so that the eye movement from side to side would keep the pupil above the eyelid.

Card_Box_27_eyeNow the tricky part. Attaching the eye to the head, and the head to the body. But i think that is for tomorrow…

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