The old sketchbook

Oxley sketchbook_cover

My favourite aunt when I was growing up was always a wee bit eccentric, or at least her gifts were.  I always looked forward to the presents we received from her, my brothers and I were never quite sure what we’d get.  I mean, who doesn’t want a popcorn popper when they’re eleven years old?

In 1994 my aunt passed away – she will always be missed.

Years later, I found out that a few of her possessions had been left to the family.   One of the things I was lucky enough to inherit was an old sketchbook.  It turns out that the sketchbook wasn’t Auntie Ruth’s, it belonged to another relative, Aunt Annie (‘A Oxley’ is written on the top corner of the book).  The drawings date back to the 1940’s, beyond that, I don’t know much about them. Hopefully we’ll find out more about Auntie Annie and the sketches within her book.Oxley sketchbook02

Oxley sketchbook03There is one sketch inside the book where she has signed “Nance” –  her nickname. Which goes a long way to show that she was in fact the artist.

Oxley sketchbook02

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