The Quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup Begins!

new cup side*disclaimer…this was a painted as a gift, The Toronto Maple Leafs are the recipient’s favourite team, not mine. I am in no way supporting the Leafs in their run to the Stanley Cup. In fact, if they came in last, it would mean that all in the universe was right, and may even prove the existance of God.

Go Canucks, Go!

Front view

In honour of the start of the NHL season, I figured I would post this beer fridge I painted years ago. It was a fun project (apart from having to put the Leafs on the side)

The craziest thing about this job was getting the names right…yes, you can actually read all the names on the cup, and it’s probably about 95% accurate. There were a few names I couldn’t read off the original image I used, so I was forced to use the names of my hockey buddies – it’s closest any of us will ever get to having our name on the cup!

6 thoughts on “The Quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup Begins!”

  1. How much would it cost if I would buy one and have it shipped to my house?

    How long does the shipping take?

  2. how much for a maple leafs beer fridge like the one you have up on your page, sent to vancouver bc.


  3. Hi Jag, As much as I’d love to do another one of these fridges, and delivery would be easy enough as I am in the Vancouver area, I’m not set up for airbrushing something of this size in my current residence.

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