The Wedding Cake!

Seuss_cake_01The cake is an important part of every wedding. Who else would I trust to make the cake for my wedding, but my sister Judy.I wish I could go into the actual cake making process, but all I can really document is my small part in the process.

The Dr. Seuss style characters were made a while ago. (Karen Lou Who part One and Part Two, and myself) Then I shipped them off to my sisters with an idea for a starting point for her to work from.

This was just a starting point, we only had a couple of things we really wanted with the cake. Well, in all honesty, Karen actually wanted a wedding pie! But I was having a hard time figuring out how the cake topping characters would stand in a pie. So we compromised with tart flowers, and a topsy turvy cake.

Seuss_cake_02That was my part…the rest was up to my ever so talented sister Judy. (She was a great help in planning the wedding, I turned to her on many occasions.)

Seuss_cake_11Since we used peacock’s feathers on the boutonnieres and the bouquets, Judy incorporated a peacock feather pattern into the leaves.

Seuss_cake_03Because of the length of time the cake would be sitting on the table, Judy left the tarts out of the flower centers until just before the reception. She used a yellow disk as a filler until it was time to add the tarts.



The final result was this super cool, super fun cake. Once again my sister blew me away with her talents!


Next posting…the centerpieces!

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